Radical review of business processes

We will review NAA's business processes to bring innovation to our businesses systems and achieve the following:

  • Digitization of business processes to eliminate the paper culture
  • Standardization and automation of complicated and fragmented processes
  • Centralization and strategic use of fragmented data
  • Creation of an environment allowing business processes to be completed by teleworking and without direct contact

AIR Narita Project

At Narita International Airport we are continuing with "AIR Narita", a system innovation project we launched to rebuild multiple systems into an integrated format as a means of overcoming the labor shortage, promoting workstyle reforms and remaining ahead of the competition between airports.

In this project, we will build the foundations for continuous business optimization by integrating all services and systems into one across all departments. This will contribute to sustainable growth for the airport.


CamiNo is a usage application system for Narita Airport.Applications can be submitted easily and efficiently from a PC or smartphone. The system does away with the need for conventional paper systems and seals as well as the need to take in an application form.

CamiNo can only be used for temporary vehicular access at present but use for other application processes will be introduced as required.
Please refer to the link below for further details.
CamiNo (Japanese)