Sister Airports

NAA has bilateral cooperation agreement with 13 major airports around the world.
The objective of this cooperation is to enable the partners to respond to changes in our industry and diverse range of requests from the airport users.

As part of our activities, we exchange the expertise we have accumulated at our respective airports and views on items of mutual interest surrounding the aviation market, through regular meetings. We strive for an intimate exchange of information through regular correspondence in our day-to-day activities. We also have personnel exchange programs in which we send specialists to each other with a wealth of experience in fields such as providing high quality services to customers, information technology and environmental matters. These personnel work to resolve common airport operation issues, collect information and initiate studies on the issues of mutual interest as well as aviation administration and policy trends. The ultimate objective is the development of a global human resource for the future. These initiative have led us to hold bilateral programs with our partner airports on an experimental basis.

In the years ahead, we aim to expand Narita Airport’s route network from the perspective of strengthening collaboration with the regions of the partner airports. This will include working to develop routes between Narita and partner airports and generate demand for passenger and cargo air services. Moreover, we will collaborate with partner airports to create business opportunities that are mutually advantageous and strive to achieve sustainable growth at Narita Airport.