What is i-Airport?

What does the i stand for?

Definition of i-Airport

Utilizing cutting-edge information technology, we will optimize overall airport procedures, including security and operational efficiency. At the same time we will provide advanced airport service under the concept of an simple, fast and friendly airport, with a view to offering greater convenience for our customers.

i-Airport Concept Diagram

(※1) RFID
Baggage tags with IC chips. Information is scanned by radio waves and IC chips are resistant to damage from bent or soiled tags. Therefore, accuracy rate is close to 100% in any handling situation as long as the chip is not damaged. IC chips can also easily and quickly handle large volumes of information. Therefore, they reduce the incidence of lost baggage, simplify the process of sorting and handling baggage, thus reducing connection times.
(※2) BCBP
Next generation barcode boarding pass

From e-Airport to i-Airport

Commencing in 2000, Narita Airport, in conjunction with the government and other corporations, launched the e-Airport concept with the introduction of cutting-edge technology to dramatically improve passenger convenience and security, maximize airport operational efficiency and enlarge the travel market.