Digital Signage "SKY GATE VISION"

SKY GATE VISION, the largest digital signage system in Japan with a total of 107 terminals comprising 343 panels, is now operating.
The system is effectively utilized for providing the latest airport information, and at the same time a variety of entertainment picture with the aim of enhancing the passenger travel experience at Narita International Airport.
It is also available as a new advertising media.


Locations Terminals 1 & 2 (departure lobbies, arrival lobbies, retail areas, etc.)
Deployment Scale 107 displays comprising 343 panels
Main Display Terminals
Four 27-panel multi-display terminals (370 inch display: 9,249mm wide and 1,743mm high)
One organic EL Panorama Vision display terminal* (385 inch display: 9,600mm wide and 1,920mm high), etc.

* This terminal is able to provide greater brilliance and contrast than LED and plasma displays with a smoothly curved picture without seam lines between panels
Main Display Contents Terminal information (events, shops, etc.)
Security information (restrictions on liquid items and lighters, security checks, etc.)
Entertainment picture
Corporate advertising

Examples of Entertainment Content

Here are some of the area entertainment contents provided on SKY GATE VISION.

NARITA again

Once is never enough. Experience wonderful travels from Narita Airport.

We Love Japan

Photographs taken using a selfie stick by foreign tourists traveling to various places across Japan from Narita Airport and enjoying the local hospitality.


We are highlighting excerpts from the book, LIVING JAPAN, by Professor Donald Keene, a famous scholar of Japanese literature who recently acquired Japanese citizenship. These are accompanied by beautiful pictures of Japan that are carefully selected each month.

Airport Scenery - From Narita to the World

This is a presentation of scenes at Narita Airport captured with time-lapse photography for the entertainment of our customers.


Musical style content depicting the interaction between world travelers and the airport staff serving them to the best of their abilities that will make you want to travel.

Cities Around the World

Narita Airport is connected to various cities around the world including London, Paris and New York. This content stimulates the excitement of travel.

Advertising Inquiries

Welcome Message Display Service

Narita Airport provides a service for displaying a welcome message to customers arriving in Japan (overseas members of groups participating in international conferences, exhibitions or other meeting with multiple attendees in Japan).

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