IT Performance

Smart Travel from Narita with IT

Narita Airport navigation app ”NariNAVI”

Announcing the first indoor airport navigation app in Japan! NariNAVI enables the user to check their current position in any of the passenger terminals in Narita International Airport against a map displayed on their smartphone screen, retrieve information on shops, restaurants, flights, etc. and navigate to those locations. The purpose of the app is to help airport guests to navigate the terminals without getting lost and spend their time efficiently and in comfort.

TABIMORI, the app that offers a warm welcome to visitors to Japan.

Narita Airport is delighted to announce the release of a hospitality application with functions that foreign visitors will find useful when they stay in Japan: TABIMORI - Travel Amulet.
A Brand New Upgrade Released on 31 July 2017! 9 Different Languages! (English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Indonesian, Thai, French, Spanish, and Japanese)

Digital Signage "SKY GATE VISION"

"SKY GATE VISION", the largest digital signage system in Japan with a total of 107 terminals comprising 343 panels, is now operating. The system is effectively utilized for providing the latest airport information and entertainment picture.

Videophone information Service

Display terminals with videophone have been installed at information counters to provide multilingual assistance in an effort to offer higher quality information services for foreign visitors to Japan.


We provide FREE Wi-Fi in all areas inside passenger terminals for our customers who use the Internet at Narita Airport.

Passenger Information Service Using tablets

Roving information staff in the passenger terminals at Narita Airport use tablets to provide passenger information.