Welcome Message Display Service

Narita Airport provides a service for displaying a welcome message to customers arriving in Japan (overseas members of groups participating in international conferences, exhibitions or other meeting with multiple attendees in Japan).

Examples of messages displayed on digital signage


1. How to Apply

Please check the details of the Terms and Conditions for Use of Welcome Message Display Service on this website, and submit an application using the form provided.
(The application form is available in Japanese and English.)

2. Details to be Provided in the Application

  • Message to be displayed
    • Templates are available for the background to the message.
    • The languages supported are Japanese, English, Korean and simplified and traditional Chinese.
      (A limit may be imposed on the number of characters/letters used.)
  • Information regarding the group
    • Name of group and its representative, the reason for the group visiting Japan, number of persons in the group, day and time of arrival and flight number
  • Desired display date and time
    • Desired date for the welcome message display (one day only)
    • Time frame
      The message will be displayed for a duration of 15 seconds every few minutes, continuously over a period of up to one hour.
      (Please select a date and time appropriate for the group's arrival.)
  • Desired display area
    Please check and specify the terminal that the group will arrive in.
    • Terminal 1, South Wing, Arrival Lobby
    • Terminal 1, North Wing, Arrival Lobby
    • Terminal 2, Arrival Lobby
    • Terminal 3, Arrival Lobby
    * PDF fileClick here for details on the display terminals in the respective areas above. (PDF:3.0MB)
  • Applicant information
    • Applicant's title (group name), and names of its representative and person in charge
      (In principle, applications from individuals or multiple applications from the same group are not accepted.)
    • Applicant’s contact details (email address and telephone number)
    • Relationship between applicant and group

3. Application Period

At least 5 working days and up to two months before the desired date

* Working days are weekdays between 9am and 5pm, excluding the New Year holiday season (6 days from December 29 to January 3).

4. Fees

No charge

5. Restrictions, Etc.

  • Messages of a specific political or commercial nature that are deemed inappropriate for public display may not be displayed.
  • The group name (including the event name) and the applicant's group name can be displayed along with the main message.
  • Some applications may be rejected because display requests will be accepted in order of application.
  • Display of messages may be aborted without notice in the event of an emergency or for reasons pertaining to airport management.
  • It may not be possible to accommodate on-the-day requests to cancel or change the time of the message display.
  • Requests for translation (Japanese to English, etc.) of messages are not accepted.
  • The Terms and Conditions for Use of Welcome Message Display Service will apply in addition to the items above. Therefore, please check the Terms and Conditions before applying.

6. Where to Apply

Market Development & Planning Office, CS Development & Planning Department, Narita International Airport Corporation
Service hours: Weekdays 9am to 5pm, excluding the New Year period (Dec 29 to Jan 3)

Please read the terms of use for the Welcome Message Display Service before applying to use the service.

This box cannot be checked unless the Terms and Conditions have been viewed.

PDF fileTerms and Conditions for Use of Welcome Message Display Service (PDF:45KB)