Earthquake and Natural Disaster Measures

Rescue and Evacuation Framework

Prevention of Escalation of Casualties and Damage in the Event of Disaster

NAA has set out its Disaster Management Plan based on the government's Basic Act on Disaster Management as well as emergency response guidelines, and has put in place disaster defense systems and provisions to defend against disasters and enact emergency response measures. If an earthquake, destructive storm or other disaster should occur or is possible, pre-established emergency call-up criteria is activated depending on the scale and circumstances, etc. of the situation, to establish a Coordinating Headquarters under the leadership of the of the Vice President of the relevant department, a Response Headquarters under the leadership of the Executive Director of the relevant department, and an Emergency Response Headquarters under the leadership of the President & CEO, to work in conjunction with the relevant agencies and organizations to save lives, evacuate victims to safety, implement emergency measures, prevent casualties and damage, and stop the disaster from escalating.

At night and weekends and holidays, duty staff provide the first response until call-in executives and staff arrive.

Narita International Airport Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

The Narita International Airport BCP was formulated to bring airport businesses and organizations together in the event of a large-scale natural disaster to help create an airport that is resilient to disaster. It forms the basic framework for linking NAA and the airport businesses and organizations in the response to earthquake or other large-scale natural disaster.