Digital Transformation

Defining the "AIR NARITA" Master Policy on Digital Transformation


Conceptual diagram of AIRNARITA

The "AIR NARITA" master policy on digital transformation at Narita International Airport is designed around the following three core elements encompassing the Activation, Innovation and Renovation of Narita Airport's business, systems and organization taking aboard all those involved with the airport towards a common destination.

AIR NARITA's 3 Core Elements

(1) Radical review of business processes - Elimination of the paper culture and reliance on the traditional Japanese seal system
(2) Automation and labor efficiency
(3) Sophisticated airport operation - The building of data linkages with stakeholders and frameworks for decision-making

Radical review of business processes

Efficiency of business processes

Radically review NAA's business processes and bring innovation to business systems.

Automation and labor efficiency

Image of Robot

Promote business efficiency and enhance productivity by proactively incorporating robotics.

Sophisticated airport operation

Image of server room

We are striving to improve the sophistication of our operations system by having all of the information in the airport available in a visual format in real time on a dashboard and to put together a framework for sharing that with stakeholders.