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General Info About Narita International Airport

General information relating to Narita Airport including its main facilities, well-balanced network, airlines and various other data.


Regulations and plans drawn up by NAA for the operation and administration of Narita Airport are available here in PDF format.

For Airline Partners

Your operations should include Narita, the largest international airport in Japan.
Consult these pages for information on the procedures for operating scheduled and charter flights at Narita Airport and the airport charges involved.

For Airline Partners

For General Aviation Partners

Airport Charges

Slot & Stand Information

Functionality Enhancement & Incentives

Ground Handling Services

Business Jet Terminal


NAA offers a range of facilities to ensure that shippers, freight forwarders, airlines and other customers can expand and develop their business operations with greater speed and safety.

Sister Airports

NAA has sister airport agreements with major airport companies around the world.

Overseas Airport Business

Our participation in overseas airport assistance work for airports around the world.


Please make use of various advertising media at Narita Airport to establish your brand and expand your sales !

Media Coverage and Film Shooting

Persons desiring to undertake media coverage and film shooting at Narita International Airport are required to provide details and request approval at the mail form.

Digital Signage

At Narita International Airport, digital signage system is now operating.