Automation and Labor Efficiency

We will promote business efficiency and enhanced productivity by proactively incorporating robotics, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge information and communications technology.

Promotion of Driverless Technology

We are promoting the use of vehicles with driverless technology at Narita International Airport to overcome the shortage of labor due to the decline in the country's working age population. We plan to commence with Level 3 driverless technology and move on to Level 4 in which vehicles can operated within a limited area without a driver. The proving trials for the airside terminal shuttle buses use local 5G, etc. for the remote monitoring communications system.

Vehicles GSE vehicles Airside terminal shuttle buses
Operation Status In operation Proving trials began in fiscal 2021
Vehicle to be Used TractEasy (EasyMile SAS) GSM8* vehicles are being used in the trials

* The trials use the Tier IV autonomous driving system based on Tajima Motor Corporation vehicles

Photo courtesy of Japan Airlines

Vehicle used in trials

Use of AI in Customer Satisfaction Improvement

We are moving forward with the use of artificial intelligence at Narita International Airport.
We aim to improve customer satisfaction by using and analyzing AI trained on real customer feedback, etc.

Approach AI chatbot service, "BEBOT"
Services Provides real time responses in chat format to customer questions and requests

Image of BEBOT app

Introduction of Security Robots

We introduced autonomous roving surveillance robots in 2019 to increase security in the passenger terminals at Narita International Airport and they are now in use in all terminals.
We will continue to harness cutting-edge technology to strengthen security further and offer a safe, secure, comfortable airport for our customers.

No. Operating 4 1
Locations Terminals 1 and 2 Terminal 3
Date Introduced 3 June 2019 4 February 2020

Image of Robot (SECOM X-2)

Image of Robot (SEQSENSE SQ-2)


Free Wi-Fi is available throughout all passenger terminals and terminal shuttles for internet access within Narita Airport.
Information on use is available at the following link. Wi-Fi / Charging AreaLinking to an external site

We also aim to improve our service quality for the greater convenience of our customers.

Moving Forward with Face Express

We are moving forward at Narita International Airport with the introduction of our Face Expresssystem. Using this system, passengers register a facial photograph at check-in or their first touchpoint at the airport. This becomes a "Face Pass" allowing them to walk through subsequent procedures (bag drop, passenger security screening, boarding gates) without the need to show a boarding pass and passport as is normally required.

Automation of these procedures reduces the workload on staff thus providing labor efficiency and eliminating contact between staff and customers.

Diagrams and further information are available at the following URL.
Face ExpressLinking to an external site

* Narita and Haneda Airports use the name "Face Express" to portray a more readily understandable image of the system generally known as "One ID".

Scheduled Launch Date July, 2021
Terminals & Participating Airlines South Wing, Terminal 1: All Nippon Airways
Terminal 2: Japan Airlines
* Terminals and participating airlines will be gradually increased