Environmental Master Policy

Through a series of environmental initiatives and by incorporating a global perspective, we will strive to achieve an environment-friendly recycling-oriented airport (Eco-Airport), build a relationship of trust with the community as one of its members, and contribute to the attainment of an affluent 21st century society. We will:

  1. Actively address environmental issues from a global perspective, limiting the environmental impact from airport construction and operation as well as reducing the effect on the regional environment.
  2. Formulate basic plans for improved environmental conservation for all business activities, through strict adherence to environmental laws and regulations, as well as establishment and regular review of independent targets.
  3. Set up a system to ensure environmental conservation activities function effectively, and implement continuous improvements.
  4. Raise awareness at all staff levels through intercommunication on our fundamental commitments to the environment and community, and provide education and support so that each employee is motivated to take responsibility for and share in environmental conservation activities.
  5. Encourage environmental conservation activities throughout the NAA group and extend activities to airport-related business entities so as to promote an environment-friendly recycling-oriented airport (Eco-Airport).
  6. Actively disseminate information on environmental conservation activities, and maintain close communication on environmental issues with the local community as well as the world at large.