Overseas Airport Business

Overseas Airport Assistance (Consulting Work for Overseas Airports)

To date, our participation in overseas airport assistance work for airports around the world has been based on the management philosophy: "NAA remains committed to ensuring that Narita International Airport maintains its status as one of the world's greatest airports, contributing to the ongoing growth of the global transport network."

Over several decades, NAA has accumulates a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experiences in airport planning, construction, management & operation, including development of environmental strategies as well as design and installation of refueling and air navigation systems. With this background, NAA can provide extensive, comprehensive and consist consulting services, dispatch experienced specialists and/or accept trainees from other airports.

Developing overseas airports in this way expands the air transport network and generates robust aviation demand, thus resulting in the advancement of the global aviation market as a whole. By feeding back the knowledge and experience we gain from business in the planning, construction, expansion and management of airports, we have been able to improve the quality of our airport operations and enhance our services to passengers, airlines and other stakeholders. At NAA, we are looking at expanding our involvement in the field of overseas airport assistance work to pave the way for future business.

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