Overseas Business

NAA was established for the purpose of developing the grand design of Narita Airport, which was to become Japan’s international gateway airport, and then formulating the grand design into a master plan and constructing the airport. Since Narita Airport’s opening, over forty years ago, NAA has integrally maintained and managed the fundamental airport infrastructure such as runways and the terminal facilities.

Utilizing the accumulated experience and knowledge, NAA has devoted itself to fulfilling the responsibilities and the mission of international cooperation through participating in overseas airport development projects and offering consultation services for overseas airports. This would lead to support the development of vital infrastructures in other countries and also for NAA to gain valuable experience for further efficient airport management and operation at Narita Airport.

On August 31, 2018,“The Act for Promotion of the Participation of the Japanese Business in Overseas Infrastructure Projects”was enacted, and overseas business has been positioned as one of NAA’s primary business.

In 2019, through capital investment in an airport management company in Mongolia, NAA took part in the airport management for the New Ulaanbaatar International Airport. This was the first case of the airport company in Japan participating in overseas airport management.

NAA will place overseas business as one of the pillars of its future growth and feedback the knowledge and experience acquired from the participation in overseas airport construction and expansion projects, and from its management, into Narita Airport in order to improve the operational quality of the airport. Through these activities, we will be able to further improve services to our airport users and the airlines. Therefore, we will continue to promote our endeavors in our research, technical support and participation in airport management at the NAA group companies together as a team.