Charge for use of business aviation terminal

Charge for use of the Business Aviation Terminal : JPY250,000 per arrival or departure
*Only for International

Typical example by aircraft type

Fleet Conditions Landing Charge
Parking Charge
less than 6hrs. (*3)
Charge for use of Business Aviation Terminal(*4)(*5) Total
MTOW Noise Index
GLF5 42 t A JPY 65,100 JPY 8,400 JPY 500,000 JPY 573,500
GLEX 45 t A JPY 69,750 JPY 9,000 JPY 500,000 JPY 578,750
CL60 22 t A JPY 50,000 JPY 4,400 JPY 500,000 JPY 554,400
F900 23 t B JPY 50,000 JPY 4,600 JPY 500,000 JPY 554,600
GL5T 40 t A JPY 62,000 JPY 8,000 JPY 500,000 JPY 570,000
  1. Noise Index ratings shown here are just examples, not a general classification. The noise Index rating is based on the certificated noise levels of an aircraft relative to the ICAO Chapter 3 standard, which may vary widely according to aircraft type, weight, engine type, and other configuration. For precise ratings, submission of certificated weight and noise data is required.
  2. International Landing charge can be obtained by multiplying MTOW with one of the 6 charge rates assigned to an aircraft based on the Noise Index rating categories: A = 1,550JPY/t, B = 1,650JPY/t, C = 1,750JPY/t, D = 1,850JPY/t, E = 1,950JPY/t, and F = 2,000JPY/t.
    A minimum charge of JPY50,000 applies when the calculated amount is below JPY50,000.
  3. After the first 6 hours, the same charge applies for each 24-hour period.
  4. Charges for use of the Business Aviation Terminal are subject to consumption tax (national and local); the amount shown does not include tax.
  5. The charge for use of the Business Aviation Terminal is for use of the facilities on arrival and departure.